What I have learned from The Battle Hymn of Tiger Mother

I remembered how I dislike this book’s teaching methods on children in the past few months. But I realize this teaching is how a lot of Asian parents have been this process while they were young. I could not blame them because the time is very different between them and my time. Somehow it was the only way for them to achieve their responsibility is worth teaching their children to be one of the smartest/most successful people in the world. Yes, but does it worth to do it? Maybe? Perhaps? Or No?! 

In a daughter’s persecutive,  I guess somehow it is the way that life has given you because you have to learn. Therefore, I thought about understanding my parents in the way when “Tiger Mother” thinks through the future of her children. She wants them to be successful and happy because they could be able to earn their own money not depend on anyone else. This is how this method usually wants to lead the children to do so, but most of time it does not work. To me, parents’ persectives  maybe are right but it does not fit the children the most. Most of time it does not work in that way.  However, children could kindly say their own opinions about what they want to do in life and try harder to let their parents understand what they have done are right to them. This is how I believe in my life that I still have to respect my parents have given me this life, and I have the responsibility to make it better. And the first step is to get to know who I am. The second step is to focus on what I want to do in despite other people’s opinions. Third, when the right time comes, I will be proud of myself and my parents will be proud of me too. 

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